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23rd November - 17th December 2016


Dr Rosie Campbell
Rosie is a Research and Netreach Officer based in the University of Leicester's Department of Criminology, working on  'Beyond the Gaze', the largest study of the online sector of the UK sex industry to date. She has carried out research, and published on sex work, for two decades. In a voluntary capacity she was a founder member of UK Network of Sex Work Projects, Chair for eight years, working with sex work projects throughout the UK and is now a Trustee of NUM.

Daniela Scotece
Daniela Scotece is the Chief Executive Officer of POW Nottingham. POW is a peer founded organisation launched in 1989 that works with individuals involved in, affected by or at risk of becoming involved in sex work. As a former practicing solicitor with seven years’ experience of criminal law and working with individuals involved in the criminal justice system, she uses her expertise to give voice to the voiceless and dispel myths and educate on the many reasons why people get involved in sex work.


Alex Feis-Bryce
Alex was initially appointed in 2012 to set-up, develop and run the NUM pilot based on the consultation that had preceded his appointment and he has been running the scheme ever since, orchestrating it’s growth into a high-profile multi-award winning organisation that benefits around 10,000 sex workers in the UK.  Prior to his current role, Alex worked as a senior researcher, adviser and campaigner in the House of Commons for six years.  He is a published and award-winning writer having contributed to national publications including the Independent, the Huffington Post, Total Politics and the House Magazine.  He is also a postgraduate research criminologist at Northumbria University.