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23rd November - 17th December 2016

Brian Tobin
 Brian is a founder and current Chief Executive of Iceni Ipswich. The philosophy he introduced to the Iceni was "To not judge a person by their past if they are making an honest attempt to change". He has never lost sight of and remains steadfast in maintaining the independence and the values of the organization. There have been many highlights thus far in his career; perhaps the most satisfying is witnessing the long term outcomes of Iceni's work of assisting women out of street prostitution after the murders in Ipswich in late 2006. Brian was awarded Honorary Doctorate by Suffolk University in 2016 with the University citing that Brian represents the unwavering commitment, care and concern for others that works for change in our society.


Professor Nick Mai
Nick is a filmmaker, sociologist and ethnographer working as Professor of Sociology and Migration Studies at University Kingston London. His films and research examine the relationship between gender, sexuality and migration in the context of the global sex industry, where migrants find both self-realisation and exploitation. Most migrants decide to work in the sex industry in order to have a better life and to escape the forms of exploitation they meet in other jobs. Humanitarian and governmental rhetoric often obfuscate this complex mix of opportunities and constraints by addressing all migrant sex workers as victims of trafficking and by enforcing restrictive and criminalizing measures that ultimately exacerbate their vulnerability to exploitation. His writing and films aim at breaking this vicious circle by bringing the understandings and experiences of migrants and their complex decisions and trajectories at the centre of academic and public debates.

Neil Radford
Neil Radford is a police sergeant in Nottinghamshire Police currently attached to Community Protection with Nottingham City Council and for the last 12 years has been the team leader for the Prostitution Task Force addressing issues of prostitution within the city, both on-street and off-street. He is the tactical advisor for the local police in this area and been involved in national reviews of legislation, including giving evidence at a Parliamentary Inquiry into prostitution laws.